IsaLean™ Bar


IsaLean™ Bar

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IsaLean™ Bars - Chocolate Decadence - 10 bars

Maintaining healthy eating habits can be difficult when you have a busy and demanding schedule. An IsaLean Bar is a convenient high-protein snack; perfect to pop into your gym bag and consume after a workout. It is also a great alternative to unhealthy snacks.

  • Contains 18 grams of high-quality protein
  • Essential carbohydrates, fibre and fats
  • Contributes to a healthy lifestyle

      Further Details

      Protein is an important nutrient needed by everyone on a daily basis. It is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the “building blocks” for healthy bodies. Our high-quality undenatured whey protein contains a complete amino acid profile for optimal health and wellness.

      Protein has a number of different roles in the body:

      • Contributes to growth in muscle mass
      • Contributes to muscle maintenance
      • Promotes recovery after exercise